Política de la calidad

BARCELONA TECHNICAL CENTER (BTechC) is an engineering company with more than 15 years of experience and specialized in various sectors: Automotive, Aeronautics, Railway, Chemical and Energy.

Our policy is implemented in an integrated manner through its consistency with management principles and is developed through the Management System that the Management is committed to establish according to ISO 9001 and 27001 standards, oriented towards the Excellence Models, all based on people management, process management and continuous improvement, providing a framework for establishing and reviewing the annual Quality and Information Security Objectives.


Our services are mainly focused on vehicle manufacturers, as well as component manufacturers and large engineering, technology, and research companies of integral engineering services. We act in the complete management of projects from concept definition and preliminary design to industrial implementation.

We have the most advanced CAD, CAM and CAE systems, equipment, and software, which allow us to apply the best technology when developing the entire life cycle of a product (PLM).

Our inventive activity is focused on the development of innovative solutions for application in the industrial sectors in which we operate.

BtechC aims to protect its own and the client’s Intellectual Property, to ensure the integrity, availability, confidentiality, and authenticity of the information stored, processed, and guarded, and to safeguard the resources used for the provision of its services, understanding by such concepts:

  • Integrity: is the property that seeks to keep data free from unauthorized modifications.
  • Availability: is the characteristic, quality, or condition of the information to be available to those who must access it, whether they are people, processes or applications.
  • Confidentiality: it is the property of the information, by which it is guaranteed that it is accessible only to personnel authorized by BtechC to access such information.
  • Authenticity: is the assurance of identity or origin.


The design and integral development of projects from the beginning as a preliminary project, until its implementation. The external development of works in our client’s offices providing everything necessary for its correct function.

To offer a fast, reliable, and economic service, adapting to the real needs of our clients, with really competitive rates. To carry out customized projects with a close collaboration with our clients’ technicians, and always ensuring that the necessary controls are implemented to ensure the protection of information.


  • Direct collaboration with our customers, identifying the real needs or problems to be solved, applying the functional and technical requirements necessary for the good design of the solution.
  • The development of complete projects, from basic engineering, detail engineering, purchasing and up to the start-up of the installation.
  • Commitment to work with agility, stealth, and competitiveness.
  • Adaptability to customer needs.
  • Loyalty and continuity.
  • Efficiency and agility of response.
  • The human values of the company and its components coincide with those of the organization.
  • Integrity, confidentiality, and security of all information to which access is gained.



To meet customer expectations and to anticipate and solve problems by means of:

  • The constant search for innovative solutions and through continuous technical advice,
  • Adapting to the requested delivery time and guaranteeing compliance with their specifications.
  • The work from the constant excellence, always using the most innovative technology to offer the best technical solutions to our customers.
  • Direct collaboration with our customers and stakeholders, identifying what are the real needs or problems to be solved, applying the functional and technical requirements necessary for the good design of the solution.
  • Assuring all interested parties the maximum protection of their information, as well as Intellectual Property and personal data.


  • To guarantee the expansion of our company based on increasing the satisfaction of our customers, through a good service, the most appropriate technical-commercial attention.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system, and establish general guidelines related to Information Security.
  • Promote training, awareness, and motivation of our staff, as well as ensuring that the team has the means, training, and information necessary to protect the information assets used in their daily operations, being prohibited the treatment of such information for different purposes.
  • To optimize the available resources, and to be efficient in all processes, and to maintain the competitiveness of our company.
  • To possess ethical and social values.
  • Complying with the requirements of our service, including legal and regulatory requirements, and the applicable national and international Information Security.
  • Implement measures and procedures necessary to control access to information, ensure user access and prevent access to network services and operating systems to those who should not.
  • Protect communications systems and the internal network by perimeter security elements such as firewalls and network intrusion detection systems (IDS), deployed at: the enclave boundary (WAN), the internal enclave and key network points, as required.
  • Conduct information security risk assessments of BtechC systems, providing mechanisms to reduce threats that jeopardize compliance with operational requirements.
  • Establish and maintain physical security measures necessary to prevent unauthorized access, theft, damage or circumstances that endanger people or assets or cause business interruption.


  • Achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Fulfill the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Increase the competitiveness of our company.
  • Assure all interested parties the maximum protection of their information, as well as Intellectual Property and personal data.

This Policy is available to all interested parties through its dissemination and publication on our website, and is reviewed annually to ensure that its suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness are maintained.

Martorell, February 25 of 2023