Assembly processes

Our assembly processes department of the automotive division is geared towards meeting the needs of large OEMs and TIER1s.

The scope of Btech’s involvement in the processes arena is limited to providing engineering solutions, not carrying out the building phase. We can develop the project in full or part.

  • Designing assembly lines
  • Designing welding lines
  • Designing special machinery
  • Designing control gauges
  • Outsourcing


  • 2-D Layout: We have the know-how and resources to design the layout, from the preliminary project and quote based on an established assembly process, to the later elaborations during project development.
  • 3-D Layout: On some occasions, a two-dimensional layout isn’t enough to ensure the feasibility of the project in question. In these cases, we create a layout that incorporates 3-D elements (3-D Layout). In order to ensure robot reach and the different positions of the elements in the space, we use simulation tools to make sure that the representation is real (Robcad or Delmia).
  • Time studies: from the pre-project for any facility, the expected cycle times for each station and robots are taken into account, optimising the production resources and time, ensuring the facility is properly scaled to the production required by the end client.

Designing facilities

  • Designing resources: In conjunction with our clients and in accordance with the regulations established by various manufacturers, we design all of the elements involved in the different facilities commissioned. From geometry tools, bolts and measuring devices, to intermediate tables, hooks and robot accessories, among others.
  • Robotics simulation: Here at Btech we use Robcad robotics simulation software and have simulation specialists who carry out the assembly virtually, defining and validating assembly facilities that involve robots or operator processes.
  • If a client doesn’t have the necessary software or resources, we can provide simulation services for designing facilities independently. Likewise, we offer off-line programming services (OLP) with Robcad for Kuka, ABB and Fanuc robots. And we can also carry out simulations with Dassault Systemes Delmia Robotics.
  • FEM Simulation: Our engineers in the calculation department can calculate the structures or tools designed requiring the service (gantries, robot platforms, swing decks, etc.).
    We have the most advanced simulation software for meshed and finite elements.
  • Drafting and documentation: We create 3-D plans, lists and other documents for manufacturing, purchasing and recording the various elements that make up the facilities.

Special machinery

  • Gauges: We have extensive experience in designing control gauges for various plastic and optical elements of the vehicle, allowing us to provide engineering services to design these parts.
  • Bolting stations: We carry out the mechanical design for bolting stations, optimising resources and if necessary proposing servo-controlled units to make the stations more flexible, always taking into account the cycle time available.
  • Manual stations: We design manual stations, designing them to comply with the established operations and operator ergonomics parameters.
  • Transport and handling systems: From pallets to support systems, we design clusters and lungs. Studying the interaction with operators, loading/unloading hooks and layout implementation.
  • Metal structures: We design different structures, adapted to our clients’ requirements in terms of size and mechanics. Plus, when required, we conduct structural studies using finite element analysis.

Our team of engineers specialises in using the most cutting-edge, advanced tools and software to meet each client’s specific needs.

Design tools

  • NX, Catiav5, Microstation, Autocad, Fides
  • Simulation tools
  • Robcad, Delmia

Connectivity tools

  • KVS